Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Can I trust my boy friend?

I have dilemma - namely I know my best friend who is familiar with tor and privacy technologies for years but I've learned in the some tor handbook rule "don't trust anyone". He claims that he will not give me away. Can I trust my best friends and give him links to my hidden services or let him look for itself? He knows my first name, last name, location etc. I met him on the clearnet and he was introduced me to privacy-tech.


You read correctly. You should not trust anyone, Of course it depends on how illegal your hidden services are. But assuming you could get in trouble for them.
Even while your best friend probably won't give you away intentionally, people slip up accidentally or don't even realize they are giving away too much information. Does he enjoy a night out with a few beers, the risk increases.
If he ever got pressured by law enforcement he would, rightfully, hand you over on a silver platter. Nobody is going to jail for you.
And why would you burden a best friend with having to keep a secret for you or possibly even breaking the law by not turning you in?
I believe that bragging is a main cause for people getting busted

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