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Keunggulan GBWhatsApp Terbaru

Keunggulan GBWhatsApp Terbaru

GBWhatsApp merupakan aplikasi WhatsApp tak resmi, informasi terakhir, whatsapp saat ini sedang bersih-bersih dan pengguna aplikasi ini rawan diblokir.
Namun sampai saat ini pengguna GBWhatsApp masih banyak, bahkan diramalkan terus meningkat, jumlah download GBWhatsApp terbaru juga semakin tinggi, hal ini terlihat jelas dari banyaknya pengguna yang berusaha mencari link download GBWhatsApp terbaru.

Meningkatnya pengguna GBWhatsApp dikarenakan fiturnya yang dianggap cukup membantu penggunannya, apa saja sih keunggulan GBWhatsApp terbaru?

Berikut ini adalah keunggulan GBWhatsApp

  1. Relatif aman dari sanksi blokir oleh WhatsApp, developernya juga aktif mengembangkan fiturnya.
  2. Pengguna dapat mengatur jadwal pengiriman pesan
  3. Pesan yang sudah dihapus dapat dibaca kembali
  4. Bisa Menghapus pesan yang sudah terkirim, jika whatsapp resmi hanya memberikan waktu 7 menit, pada aplikasi ini berbeda
  5. Banyak pilihan tema whatsapp
  6. Bisa multi akun
  7. Dapat menghilangkan status pesan terkirim atau sudah di read
  8. Dapat mengirim pesan whatsapp tanpa save nomor tersebut ke dalam kontak
  9. Dapat mengirimkan banyak jenis file, tidak hanya gambar dan video
  10. Bisa diseting auto reply

Monday, April 29, 2019

I have finally found best friend! Do I need psychologist?

After being closed in my own imagined world for a long time and being left alone without any support I have finally found best friend who's in similar age to mine. He's constantly been trying to help me in my difficult situation but he sometimes doesn't know how in some moments. He offered a lot of help to me in many different situations. Is seems like he's only person who's able to understand very well my specific character. He's only person who I trust.

Unfortunately, I have problems with working in teams, negotiations, talking in groups, social skills etc. He understands problems with my social abilities but other people not.

Therefore, if I could find person who understands my social problems, is it necessary to look for psychologist? Can I trust psychologist as my best friend? Does matter whether I'll pay for private psychologist or I'll find psychologist working on a national health fund contract? Should I go to individual therapy or only group therapy?

Top Answer
  1. It's very normal to ask this question, especially in your case. See your social skills like a muscle! You are probably rusted, or maybe you never trained. But the more you talk to your friend or someone else, the more you will be able to interact with people easily.
    I don't think you need a psychologist, you probably just need to take it easy, even if it's hard.
    I hope that at some point, you will realize what i'm trying to explain to you!
    Don't worry, be happy!
  2. Why do you even need a psychologist? And, please... consider that question seriously.
    Because you have described nothing which would really require the attention of a psychologist. Having trouble working in teams is perfectly normal, there are a lot of people that are simply not as comfortable with social situations as others are.
    Perfectly normal. It does not necessarily require a psychologist.

What do you think exists after death?

First, there are those who do not believe in the Hereafter and regard life on this earth as the only life and nothing destroys them except time. Naturally, they judge something to be good if it produces desirable results and evil if it brings about undesirable results.

Second, there are those who do not deny the Hereafter, but they depend on the intercession or atonement of someone to absolve them of their sins. Among them are some who regard themselves as Gods chosen people, who will receive only nominal punishment, however grave their sins may be. This deprives them of the moral advantage, which they could have derived from their belief in the Hereafter. As a result their behavior becomes very much like that of those who deny the Hereafter.

What do you think exists after death

Third, are those who believe in the Hereafter and do not delude themselves that they have any special relationship with God or that anyone can intercede on their behalf. They hold themselves accountable for their actions and their belief in the Hereafter becomes a great moral force. As a result they find a permanent guard, stationed within them, which cautions and admonishes them whenever they deviate from the right path. There may be no court to summon them, no policemen to apprehend them and no public opinion to pressure them. Instead the guard within them is ever alert and ready to remind them when they transgress.The consciousness of this inner presence makes them fear doing anything that is prohibited. Should they succumb to temptation and violate the law of God, they are ever ready to offer sincere regrets and to enter a firm contract with God not to repeat the same mistake in the future.

A person who is focused on successes or failures in this world alone will be concerned with the benefits and harms that come to him in this life only. He may be reluctant to do good deeds that have no worldly benefit. Similarly, he may not be prepared to stop doing awrong act that will not harm him in this world.

On the other hand, a person who believes in life after death would look upon all worldly gains and losses as temporary and would not put at stake eternal bliss for a transitory gain. Belief in the next world instills in one the desire to do well and avoid the wrong, however costly it may be in terms of worldly sacrifices.

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Why is the game of thrones so popular?

I watched the first episode of the first season and did not find anything attractive in this series, maybe the sex scenes made it so popular? What do you think? On social networks, this series is called the best in the history of cinema, but I think this is the focus of a PR company.


Because, despite being set in a fantasy universe, it is closer to life than most fiction in several important ways.

First of all, any character can die. I'm not sure this was ever done before. Normally, you have your core cast, and whatever trouble they are going through, the question is how, not whether, they'll get out of it.

Life doesn't work like that, and neither does GoT. You can't assume someone is safe just because they are central to the plot, or a lot of time and effort has been invested in fleshing them out, or they are a child and nobody likes to think about dying children. Anyone can die at any time, and you don't get any build-up, any sequence of events leading inexorably to a tragic end, any attempts to create a narrative that would make death somehow meaningful and so on. It's just another day for all they know, and then they die, that's all.

Same with things that happen in the plot. You know Chekhov's gun? The principle that states, if there's a rifle hanging on a wall in the first act, it must be fired in the third act. It was meant for 19th-century theater, but people still do it.

Again, it's not a thing that happens in life or in GoT, which makes both unpredictable. Somebody does something on the screen, you know where this is going, been there done that could as well switch to another channel, but that's not how things are unfolding. Most fiction is made the way math problems are presented: you have a car driving from point A to point B, not a 2007 green Ford with faulty transmission being driven from point A to point B by an overweight guy who often forgets things and may have to go back for a minute to pick up his keys. In real life, you don't know what will turn out relevant to something else, and GoT does the same.

Besides, it's just aesthetically pleasing. You have your castles, your deserts, your severe northern landscape. They are each color-graded differently, and the rest of the aesthetic is dictated by the environment, which helps avoid visual fatigue. The costumes are excellent. The dragons are silly in essence but extraordinary in terms of the VFX.

I don't think sex has anything to do with it. It's 2019, you can't spend ten minutes online without seeing someone's boobs. I looked up Def Con talks on YouTube the other day and for some reason still got a banner with some chick's crotch in it. For all the gasps about sex in GoT, it's mostly implied. Characters talk, but in a brothel. A guy is drinking, you see him from the waist up, then a prostitute unfolds into the frame, dialogue follows that clarifies she was sucking him off. A guy bones his sister, it's a major plot point because they have children and she is royalty, you see the actual boning once for two seconds and they are both dressed. And so on: nothing you haven't seen before

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I love my boyfriend more than anything, but its a toxic relationship, what do i do?

My boyfriend and i have been dating for almost two years now and we love each other endlessly. Both of us are struggling with depression along with some other individual stuff and we aren't really able to see each other in person a lot so there's a ton of fighting that happens over text about life sucking...i really do care deeply and i know he wouldn't be safe if we took a break or broke up. What do i do??

Top Answer 1
I know that you love him, and is worried about him. But u have to think about yourself, about your limits. Try to talk with him and change is vision about life, about the world, about people in general. I think that you and him deserve to be happy, but in the way that things is going, this relationship is not gonna bring good feelings for you and him
If you stay in this relationship u are gonna just make things worse
Better it happen now and u and him stay friends than you keep prolonging this situation and like the other guy say you or him suffer physical injuries.
So keep calm, and talk with your boyfriend. Good luck :)

Top Answer 2
You know... I think this is the point at which you both have to decide what kind of relationship you want. What I mean by that is obviously you could just tap out, parting ways and maybe he'd be fine with that, I don't know. But, I would just find that... selfish.

Alternatively, what you could do... the both of you... is to decide to be in it for the other.

Long term, healthy relationships are mostly not about ego, they are about selflessness, about bringing out the best in each other.

You both seem to have issues with life in general... why not help each other with those issues? Instead of fighting over them.

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Does the "friend zone" really exist?

What would cause women to put a guy in that category?

I find it interesting that you would be unsure as to its existence. It kind of implies you have never been friendzoned. Which... well, is a blessing, I would say.

Anyhow... yes, guys can really be friendzoned by girls. Something that has always been fairly normal, the whole expression 'friend zone' is fairly new but the phenomenon is not.

What would cause a woman/girl to friendzone a guy? Convenience, in my opinion. The guy is convenient to know but is inconvenient to be in a relationship with. It's just easier to them to friendzone the guy than it is to simply let him go.

With that in mind, it actually is the guy that is doing it. He is letting himself be friendzoned. Hope is a powerful motivator. Even if that hope is completely unfounded. ;)

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Am I shallow for refusing the man I love because he's homeless?

He's the kindest and most entertaining person on the planet, he loves me for everything that I am, but his teeth are gray and he's homeless. My father is an ambassador and we're considered upper-middle class. Almost all of my interactions with this man are in private (my place mostly) and I don't even touch him when we're in public. Am I super shallow for being seen with him as a partner embarrassed of him in public?

Top Answer

  1. Honestly; I'd be conflicted if I was in the same situation. I think that it's honestly fair-play if that is one of the reasons why you refuse. 
  2. If you love him for what he is, you aren't shallow at all, on the contrary. Being embarrassed when in public with him, that's normal. Peer pressure. You are afraid people will judge you, and start imagining things and gossiping, and you are right to be.You don't have to hang out with him in public. We all have our little secrets. Hell, that's why you're posting anonymously on an onion forum, and that's why I'm also answering anonymously on the same onion forum.
    From what I understand, deep down, you love him, and that's all that matters. Let other people do their thing and think what they think; the mere fact you're worrying about being shallow tells me you are better than that. Plus, the "homeless" and "grey teeth" parts of him can probably be fixed, right?
  3. it's not unreasonable for you to have reservations about a man who has absolutely nothing going for him aside from you having feelings for him...
    look, you didn't judge him based on shallow things, you showed him that you can love him.... what is he showing you?
    let him show something, tell him to show he cares enough about you to improve his situation... clean up, get a job, or at least a toothbrush, lol.....
    if he's unable/unwilling to clean up his own act for you, then you shouldn't be willing to do it for him, as that's a bad place to start any relationship.....
    give him a chance to do a few things for himself first..... if he cant/wont, then you'll know he's looking for more than a love interest, he's looking for a mommy... someone to take care of him despite his inability to do so for himself.... you'll know what to do.
  4. That... is quite shallow indeed. In fact, I personally would be embarassed to even be seen in the same room as you. And I know that is quite judgemental of me to say without knowing you but still, shallowness is just one of those things I feel we have far too much of in this world.
    Having said that, there obviously is an aspect to this which is outside of your control.
    Because, why do you feel embarassed? It's the subconscious idea that you will be judged by family, friends, etc, etc, etc. It's the pressure from people in your life that is making you feel shallow. So, you are not entirely at fault here really.
    Anyhow, he is homeless... he is not terminally ill. His life could still be turned around. Why not simply accept him fully into your life and helping him get back on his feet? Sure, at first other peopel in your life might judge you for engaging in a relationship with someone like him but, eventually they should warm up to your efforts to bring out the best in him.
    >That is what romance is about, to a good extent... it's not just about sex or about watching movies together while cuddled up on a couch. A romantic relationship, a good, long term relationship is about lifting each other up. Bringing out the best in each other.
    So... give him the chance he deserves... and, while you're at it... give yourself a chance too.
  5. if u want to keep all the good bits about him u need to invest in him pay to get his teeth sorted and tell him he needs to sort himself out give him incentive u must have connections to get him work or if ur flush just help him dnt be embarrassed follow ur gutt feeling
  6. I just wonder how you met this guy though... And if his teeth are so bad why do you go after him anyways?
    But lets be honest: If you love him then you should move in together with him, so he atleast has a home now and can go looking for a job or whatnot. He probably has a hard time getting back up on his feet.
    It is kind of cruel to fuck him and also say you love him but then reject him because he is homeless. You dont need to date a homeless person, but you do, and once you did it became obsolete that hes homeless.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Rian Subroto masuk daftar DPO

Rian Subroto masuk daftar DPO

Rian Subroto, lelaki yang namanya acap kali mencuat dan disebut sebagai pengguna jasa seks komersial artis cantik Vanessa Angel dan sekaligus selebriti Avriellia Shaqilla, telah masuk dalam daftar pencarian orang (DPO) kepolisian.

Jaksa Penuntut Umum (JPU) yang bernama Novan Arianto, menyakan DPO Rian Subroto telah dikeluarkan oleh Kepolisian Daerah (Polda) Jawa Timur (Jatim) tersebut, sejak 15 Maret 2019 lalu.

"Iya, Rian Subrotodilihat dari dalam berkasnya Vanessa dia sudah masuk dalam DPO. Yang mengeluarkan Polda (Jatim) sejak 15 Maret 2019 yang lalu," ujar Novan saat diwawancara Rabu (24/4).

Rian sendiri diketahui merupakan pengusaha tambang yang berasal dari Lumajang, Jawa Timur. Penetapan status DPO Rian itu sendiri kali pertama mencuat dalam berkas perkara Muncikari Endang Suhartini alias Siska, lalu nama itu juga mencuat dalam dakwaan Vanessa Angel.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Janji kampanye pasangan Joko Widodo dan Ma'ruf Amin pada debat ke 5

Kawal Pemerintahan Joko widodo dan Ma'ruf Amin periode 2019 - 2024

Debat V

Waktu: 13 April 2019
Lokasi: Golden Ballroom Hotel Sultan, Senayan.
Tema: Ekonomi dan kesejahteraan sosial, keuangan, investasi, serta industri.
Peserta: Pasangan calon presiden dan calon wakil presiden

    Janji kampanye pasangan Joko Widodo dan Ma'ruf Amin pada debat ke 5

Janji kampanye pasangan Joko Widodo dan Ma'ruf Amin pada debat ke 4

Kawal Pemerintahan Joko widodo dan Ma'ruf Amin periode 2019 - 2024

Debat IV

Waktu: 30 Maret 2019
Lokasi: Ballroom Hotel Shangri-La, Jakarta Pusat
Tema: Ideologi, pemerintahan keamanan serta hubungan internasional
Peserta: Calon presiden

    Janji kampanye pasangan Joko Widodo dan Ma'ruf Amin pada debat ke 4

  1. Di bidang pemerintahan ke depan diperlukan pemerintahan dilan, digital melayani